Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mental Skipping

No! this is not about being lazy and not wanting to work out and skipping or working out in the mind...this is about the tendency of the mind to move at the speed of light skipping from topic to topic so fast that the thought is but a flash.

Hav started doing that.the technique is excellent at keeping the mind pleasantly blank ...totally relaxing and still exhausting if you know what i mean....getting totally disjointed thoughts is a challenge in itself...and the challenge is not to make a chain so that you don't start thinking in one direction :D

Kind of reminds me of that lovely song 'comfortably numb'...

so think...your way to blankness

chinese chequers-->green leaves on kashid beach-->prawn curry mangalorean style-->my orange curtains-->process note for DM channel-->a fight with an old friend-->crushed ice-->herman hesse-->dolphins-->kaya skin clinic-->black chicken kurti-->my birthday flowers-->white sandals-->hot coffee-->rain-->credit card bill-->fushcia pink enamel-->call mother-->december holidays-->an old poem-->Hawaiian Shack-->my new tattoo-->5 kg weights-->shawshank redemption-->teen spirit-Nirvana--> the train continues....:)